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How to verify the history of trades, bank transfers, and blockchain

How to verify the history of trades, bank transfers, and blockchain

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It is important to keep track of every transaction. Here is how to verify the transaction history on Bit4you.


How to verify the history of trades, bank transfers, and blockchain

In business or in any financial sector, there is always a record for everything. This is because it helps the company or business person to always verify in case unforeseen circumstances arise. Before the existence of computers, information was saved on physical shelves and files. Things have been simplified now. When you use the Bit4you platform, every transaction you fulfill or leave pending is stored in a particular domain on the platform. How do you consult your history to have a recap of the transactions done? This article seeks to provide directives on how to go about it. 

What is a transaction history?

Transaction history is simply a statement either on paper or electronic that includes a piece of transaction information for any transaction done on the network. On a transaction history, you can find detailed information about cash deposits and withdrawals, in the case of the financial transaction history. The date, time, and the number of transactions done are registered in the transaction history. Then they also show the account balance in the transaction history. How then do you track transactions on Bit4you? Here are simple steps to follow.

Verifying the history of transactions on Bit4you

Go to the Bit4you transaction page. On the top left of the screen, you will see seven options. Markets, Positions, history, open orders, wallets, add funds and withdraw funds. Click on history. A drop-down box will appear. It provides four other options, namely, positions history, funds history, orders history, blockchain history, and export history. When you click on each task, it provides every piece of information done. For example, when we select Positions history, every transaction done on that appears. You will find the position (cryptocurrency) selected, the open date, the close date, the amount invested, the day that transaction was closed, and the profits made from that transaction. 

On the history of the order you will have information about the market chosen, its status that states whether it has been closed or it is still pending, the type of order carried out, that is a buy, sell or market order. There is also information on the amount invested, the quantity invested, and the day the investment was processed. The funds’ history provides information on the day and time they were deposited, the value of the funds, and the amount deposited. These funds are registered in fiat currencies. Blockchain history provides information on the asset, the date, its status, other information, and the quantity

In all, every transaction carried out on the Bit4you platform is tracked and this helps the users to have detailed information on everything they do on the exchange platform. In case someone by chance, which is difficult though, has access to a user’s account, the detail of the transaction done will be found in the history. However, in case you cannot find the information you are looking for, you can always contact our customer support that is always ready to grant you the satisfaction you need. If you are yet to register, rush now and try out our amazing offers. 



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