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How to send crypto-assets to another wallet

How to send crypto-assets to another wallet

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Here are simple steps to guide you through transfers from one wallet to another.

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How to send crypto-assets to another wallet

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, it is always preferable to have some amount of funds in your account for easy access. Every crypto platform makes provision for consumers to deposit virtual funds in their accounts for emergency transactions and even to transfer assets from one wallet to another. Though keeping money in a wallet could draw the attention of fraudsters, users still need a certain amount of money. How do you transfer funds from one wallet to the other? This article provides detailed simple steps on how to go about this. 

Bit4you is a Belgian-based crypto exchange platform that helps users in everything that has to do with cryptocurrency. If you intend to trade, invest, or simply buy crypto and you do not know any exchange platform in Europe, then here is one for you. It is a contactless and secure crypto payment service. If you want to access Bit4you, you simply need to download the app on your phone or desktop, complete the verification and know your customer (KYC) steps, then you can start using it every day. It facilitates a user’s first steps into the crypto world. Before any user dives into real trading, they have access first to the demo method that helps them acquaint themselves with the platform and how it works. 

Steps to transferring crypto-assets to another account

First, understand that before performing any task on the platform, you need to switch from the Demo mode to Real mode. Open your app and log into your account. When you do that, the page will open, showing the markets page. There you find the different cryptocurrencies that Bit4you offers. On the taskbar, on the top right of your screen, click on ‘wallets’. This will lead you to a page that shows the different crypto assets you have gained with the total amount found in each wallet. For example, if you have currencies in USDT, Decentraland (MANA), Ethereum, or even Bitcoin. All these will be seen on this page. 

Click on the crypto asset you will like to transfer. Then you will be directed to another page that shows the details of the digital asset. This is what you will see on the page. Let us say you want to transfer Decentraland (MANA) to another wallet address. On the page of this digital currency, you will see the details of the asset and the total amount in that currency. You will also see the option to either receive and send on the top left of your screen, and buy, or sell on the top right of the screen. Click on ‘send’ and once that is done, it will take you to another page where you can enter the wallet address to which you intend to transfer your asset. Make sure you select the corresponding network of the wallet you intend to transfer the crypto, otherwise you may lose your fund. Once you have entered the desired wallet address and the relevant network, fill in the amount to be transferred, you will see its equivalent in that currency and also in euros. If the information you see suits you, click on ‘send’.  

Furthermore, you can find the status of the transfer in the history menu on the top bar of the screen.  

To conclude, performing tasks using the Bit4you platform is quite easy and also user-friendly. Please understand that these transactions in the real mode may take a day or two to come through. Notwithstanding, if you face any challenges, our customer support team is always at your disposal to sort out any difficulty. 


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